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Zoila Exceptional - POR Volutidae Strombidae Turbinidae Cypraeidae Muricidae Various Conidae Bivalves Haliotidae Pectinidae Ranellidae


Strombus taurus (#976)

Gem- 95.5mm w/op. Stunning shell, beautiful pattern with a soft pink blush & main spike slightly curving!!! Taken by diver, Guam.

Price: AU$365.00 ( USD | EURO )

Turbo torquatus whitleyi (#912)

F+++/Gem 85.6 mm w/op XL. Simply the cleanest & best quality examples of this species that I have ever seen, usualy very badly encrusted & eroded with little colour! You will notice all the finely sculptured folds around the body are intact…Stunning pieces & only a very few in stock! South Western Australia. High quality becomes even rarer as sized increases…

Price: AU$65.00 ( USD | EURO )

Lambis lambis (#712)

F+++/Gem 223mm w/op. Spectacular giant form from northern Queensland Australia.