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Zoila Exceptional - POR Volutidae Strombidae Turbinidae Cypraeidae Muricidae Various Conidae Bivalves Haliotidae Pectinidae Ranellidae


Cypraea perlae (#3916)

F+++/Gem 44.3mm. Beautiful large shell with an overall soft almost pinkish tone & lovely, very unusual open spotting over the dorsum!

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Umbilia armeniaca andreyi (#3882)

Gem- 72mm. An exceptional rarity taken at extreme depth by ROV off the south west of WA! Beautiful pale mauve colours & one of the most attractive examples that I have seen…

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea friendii kostini (#3867)

Gem 73.9mm. One of the largest & most impressively beautiful specimens I have yet seen! Very rare above 70mm & this one is faultless perfection…

Conus victoriae (#3160)

F+++/Gem – Gem- 34.1-56mm w/op. Here we have a spectacular set of uber selected colour & pattern variations of C. victoriae! Among the best I have seen to date & representing many many hours of collecting work. Will simply not disappoint even the most advanced Conus collector.

SET OF 18pcs as pictured!

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Hexaplex stainforthi (#1186)

Gem- 55.2 -58.8mm w/op. Rare & extreme colours & large size, I have never seen better!!! Set of 4pcs

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Hexaplex stainforthi (#1016)

F+++/Gem 55.8mm w/op. Almost a perfectly pure albino, very rare!!!

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )