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Zoila Exceptional - POR Volutidae Strombidae Turbinidae Cypraeidae Muricidae Various Conidae Bivalves Haliotidae Pectinidae Ranellidae


Cypraea friendii vercoi candida (#4570)

F+++ 83mm. A beautiful large example of this stunning & rare vercoi form! Excellent colour & strong pattern…Diver collected – south coast WA.

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Cypraea jeaniana thalamega (#4562)

F+++/Gem 91.6mm. An impressive & very beautiful example of this highly sought after Zoila uber rarity! Large with classic thalamega colour & pattern.

Cypraea jeaniana aurata (#4556)

Gem- 83.7mm: A magnificent, heavy & mature shell with classic colour,  pattern & beautiful shape, tapering into the terminals, easily one of the best I have handled!

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Cypraea venusta roseopunctata (#4544)

F+++/Gem 77.4mm: An impressive large (half punctata – half immaculata) pink shell with darker pink terminals & just a scattering of gold/orange spotting over a predominantly pink dorsum! Diver collectedRecherche Archipelago, south coast WA.

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Cypraea eludens (#4538)

F+++/Gem 62.6mm. Beautiful dark dorsum on this one with the classic blue/white margin halo!

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Cypraea eludens (#4532)

Gem- 66.8mm. Magnificent BIG fresh specimen with classic dark, vibrant colours! 

Cypraea venusta roseoimmaculata (Rare colour variant) (#4522)

F+++/Gem 71.7mm/ A stunning & exceptionally rare colour variation of this beautiful Zoila! Not the typical classic pink, but a lovely creamy yellowish tone with faintly darker lateral banding over the dorsum. By diver, Recherche Archipelago, south coast of WA.

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Cypraea jeaniana jeaniana (#4514)

F+++/Gem 81.8mm. A large & truly spectacular dark beauty from Bernier Island!…Magnificent piece.

Cypraea friendii kostini (#4501)

F+++/Gem 62.6mm: An amazing near all white specimen of this rare deep water Zoila! Albinistic dorsum with hints of gold at terminals, gold speckled margins & white base…An exceptional piece!

Cypraea venusta roseopunctata (#4498)

F+++/Gem 73.3mm: Exceptionally lovely creamy pink colour with just a few scattered dark spots! A heavy shell, nicely inflated shape with pinched terminals, a standout piece! Recherche Archipelago – South coast WA.