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Zoila Exceptional - POR Volutidae Strombidae Turbinidae Cypraeidae Muricidae Various Conidae Bivalves Haliotidae Pectinidae Ranellidae


Cypraea friendii insulata (#4664)

F+++/Gem 95mm. Here we have an exceptional, large, inflated & very dark specimen of this elusive friendii! Easily one of the most spectacular examples I have seen in some years…

Cypraea venusta episema (#4654)

Gem- 78.5mm. A superb example of the large variety of venusta episema from the shallow reefs of Geographe Bay WA (Rarely collected at this size today) Beautiful colour, pattern & proportions…

Cypraea jeaniana (#4646)

Zoila jeaniana Gem- 71mm: Rarely seen today from this location! Collected by diver, Red Bluff Western Australia.

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea rosselli satiata Bernier Island form (#4639)

Gem- 57.5mm: One of the largest & most impressive examples of this rare species I have seen! Displays the strongly angular,  flaring margins that this form is famous for, broad, heavy & very mature.

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea eludens (#4629)

Gem- 64.6mm: Fresh dark colours with that classic blue dorsal halo, very heavy base, nice size, beautiful shape & lovely base colour.

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Umbilia armeniaca andreyi (#4618)

Gem- 83.2mm. A superb example of this rare deep water species! Beautiful shape, pattern & colours & an exceptionally solid & heavy piece. Very deep water off the south western corner of WA.

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea marginata ketyana hypermarginata (#4604)

Gem- 49mm: A superb, very high quality example of this rare species with the classic, heavily flaring margins & orange base colours! 

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea marginata ketyana bataviensis (#4598)

Gem- 50.7mm Exceptionally attractive,  fine pepper speckled dorsal pattern on this one, beautiful classic & mature shape!

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea friendii insulata (#4582)

F+++/Gem 89.1mm Beautiful big “old school” insulata with the classic broad, flattened & calloused base! Diver collected in shallow water – Israelite Bay-  South coast WA

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea thersites (#4572)

F+++ 91.7mm. Magnificent BIG inflated specimen, black margins & blue mottled dorsal pattern/colour! It has several small, smooth & fully glossed nacre imperfections but no chips & is just such an impressive piece! Very very difficult to find today in the 90+ size ranges…

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )