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Zoila Exceptional - POR Volutidae Strombidae Turbinidae Cypraeidae Muricidae Various Conidae Bivalves Haliotidae Pectinidae Ranellidae


Cypraea venusta episema (#4931)

F+++/Gem 79.5mm: Here we have a beautiful & impressively large specimen from the shallow water, Geographe Bay population! Exceedingly rare approaching the 80mm size range today…Large dark spots & the classic slender Geographe Bay shape.

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea friendii kostini (#4904)

GEM 66.4mm: A stunning piece, extremely heavy & solid shell (even for kostini!) beautiful shape & colour…

Cypraea marginata ketyana bataviensis (#4892)

F+++/Gem 52.4mm: An exceptionally attractive example of this rare form! Lovely dorsal pattern & colour, broad, heavy base also with very nice colour & pattern…

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Cypraea venusta roseopunctata GOLD (#4841)

F+++ 77.2mm: Here we have a very attractive, large inflated piece with orange/gold spotting over a pale pink/apricot coloured dorsum! Collected by diver, Recherche Archipelago, south coast west Australia.

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea friendii friendii (#4827)

F+++/Gem 98.4mm: Here we have a very large & impressive specimen from the Flinders Bay/Augusta population!  Long & slender with beautifully pronounced terminals! Very rarely seen from this location.

Cypraea raywalkeri regularis (#4812)

F+++/Gem 49.8mm: Heavy, fat & rounded with lovely colour! Easily one of the most attractive specimens of this rare deep water species I have seen to date…

Cypraea eludens stricklandi (#4802)

Gem 42.8mm. Here we have an exceptionally lovely example of this rare & elusive new species! Beautifully coloured, patterned & proportioned…

Cypraea venusta roseopunctata/roseoimmaculata (#4716)

F+++/Gem 78mm: A beautiful & very impressive BIG shell, fleshy pink, darker pink terminals and just a few scattered orange/gold spots. It really is just like a 50/50 between the two forms from the Recherche Archipelago, south coast WA. 

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Umbilia armeniaca andreyi (#4618)

Gem- 83.2mm. A superb example of this rare deep water species! Beautiful shape, pattern & colours & an exceptionally solid & heavy piece. Very deep water off the south western corner of WA.

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea friendii insulata (#4582)

F+++/Gem 89.1mm Beautiful big “old school” insulata with the classic broad, flattened & calloused base! Diver collected in shallow water – Israelite Bay-  South coast WA

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