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Zoila Exceptional - POR Volutidae Strombidae Turbinidae Cypraeidae Muricidae Various Conidae Bivalves Haliotidae Pectinidae Ranellidae


Amoria damoni reticulata (#5319)

F+++/Gem 97.1mm: A large and exceptional piece! Specimens like this are a very rare find today…Nickol Bay NW Australia

Price: AU$75.00 ( USD | EURO )

Zoila stricklandi (#5289)

Gem 41.2mm: In every aspect, a superb quality example of this rare & beautiful species!

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Zoila perlae (#5281)

Gem- 45.3mm: A truly superb example of this classic rarity!

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea friendii kostini (#5273)

Gem- 65.5mm: An exceptional example of this rare deep water Zoila! Dorsum has a beautiful pale eggshell bluish tone with just a scattering of small spots, orange at terminals and the typically very heavy, porcelain white base.

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea venusta roseopunctata (#5269)

Gem- 76.4mm: Another beauty, and very nearly the twin of #5267

Cypraea venusta roseopunctata (#5265)

F+++/Gem 77.4mm: A large inflated specimen, pale pink dorsum, nicely speckled pattern with the classic rich pink terminals!

Cypraea rosselli rosselli (#5241)

Gem- 51.5mm: A stunning piece! Lovely dorsal colour & nicely flaring margins…

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea venusta roseopunctata (#5129)

F+++/Gem 61mm: As beautiful pink/orange specimen from the inshore dwarf population of Starvation Boat Harbour on the south coast of Western Australia! Only very rarely do we find specimens as nice as this with such superb colour! Perfect shape & proportions…

Cypraea friendii friendii (#5027)

Gem 75.7mm: Beautifully elegant shape & colouration!!! Superb shell…

Price: AU$145.00 ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea friendii friendii (#5025)

F+++/Gem 74.1mm: Classic Geographe Bay blue colour with a nicely calloused base & margins! A beautiful shell…

Price: AU$125.00 ( USD | EURO )