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Zoila Exceptional - POR Volutidae Strombidae Turbinidae Cypraeidae Muricidae Various Conidae Bivalves Haliotidae Pectinidae Ranellidae


Cypraea friendii vercoi (#3977)

F+++/Gem 85.3mm. A very imposing, large & nicely inflated specimen with beautiful spotting! Exceptional piece…

Livonia nodiplicata (#3969)

F+++/Gem 385mm. Here we have an absolutely spectacular example of this large, rare & imposing species! Exceptional rich colour & dark patterning, no erosion & a beautiful natural lip! Only very rarely do I see them so nice as this one…South coast of Western Australia. It has only a small soft growth fault on the base side…

Cypraea friendii vercoi – GOLDEN FORM (#3962)

F++/F+++ 77.6mm. GOLDEN (Rufinistic) FORM. One of the Holy Grails of southern west Australian Zoila!!! Rich creamy orange colours, broad heavy based & mature shell. It has a couple of light growth imperfections & a partly healed/glossed shallow chip on inside of one edge of posterior canal, not overly effecting canal profile…Stunning specimen & rarely offered.  *Several beautiful living “In Situ” images also available for this shell.

Cypraea venusta – Shoal Cape Form (#3946)

F+++ 73.2mm. This is a very nice, dark choc spotted specimen that makes a lovely contrast to the gold shell below. It has a couple small faults but shows extremely well. Venusta from this location are notoriously in very poor condition due to typical shallow inshore reef turbulence & currents resulting in murky water conditions…

Cypraea venusta – Shoal Cape Form (#3940)

F+++/Gem 70.6mm. Here we have a very attractive orange gold spotted example of the rare, shallow water inshore reef population from Shoal Cape on the far south coast of Western Australia. Historically it has always been extremely difficult to obtain any examples of quality venustas from this small population! A lovely shell…

Cypraea venusta episema (#3900)

Gem- 70.8mm. Beautiful dark & mature specimen from Geographe Bay population, always incredibly difficult to obtain this quality.

Price: AU$325.00 ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea friendii kostini (#3867)

Gem 73.9mm. One of the largest & most impressively beautiful specimens I have yet seen! Very rare above 70mm & this one is faultless perfection…

Cypraea friendii friendii (#3855)

Gem- 72.1mm. Beautiful inkblot pattern, very pretty piece!

Price: AU$165.00 ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea friendii friendii (#3842)

Gem- 76.4mm. Classic mature beauty from Geographe Bay!

Price: AU$165.00 ( USD | EURO )

Cypraea venusta roseopunctata (#3792)

F+++/Gem 72.2mm. Beautiful light pink with dark spots, heavy base & high frosted margins.