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Zoila Exceptional - POR Volutidae Strombidae Turbinidae Cypraeidae Muricidae Various Conidae Bivalves Haliotidae Pectinidae Ranellidae


Cypraea friendii insulata (#4026)

F+++/Gem 93.6mm. Here we have a lovely big insulata with the more typical darker colouration! Collected by diver from shallow water, east of Esperance РSouth coast WA.  Rarely available today.

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Cypraea thersites contraria (#4020)

F+++/Gem 68.2mm. A very attractive example trawled at western edge of Great Australian Bight!

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Cypraea friendii insulata (#4013)

F+++ 95.6mm. Big inflated beast of a shell, rarely seen like this today! Broad, flat flanging base, lovely colour, collected on shallow inshore reef east of Esperance, sth coast WA.

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Cypraea friendii vercoi candida (PINK) (#4007)

F++/F+++ 76.2mm. An exceptionally rare example of this form, having an overall soft creamy pink colour with slightly darker fleshy pink dorsal banding rather than the more recognized blue/gray colours…An impressive piece with lovely symmetry.

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Cypraea friendii insulata (#4000)

F+++/Gem 96.8mm. Spectacular XL “Old School” insulata!!! Rarely see anything like this today…

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Cypraea friendii vercoi candida (#3991)

F+++ 83mm. Beautiful large example of this stunning & rare vercoi form! Excellent colour & strong pattern.

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Cypraea friendii vercoi (#3977)

F+++/Gem 85.3mm. A very imposing, large & nicely inflated specimen with beautiful spotting! Exceptional piece…

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Livonia nodiplicata (#3969)

F+++/Gem 385mm. Here we have an absolutely spectacular example of this large, rare & imposing species! Exceptional rich colour & dark patterning, no erosion & a beautiful natural lip! Only very rarely do I see them so nice as this one…South coast of Western Australia. It has only a small soft growth fault on the base side…

Cypraea friendii vercoi – GOLDEN FORM (#3962)

F++/F+++ 77.6mm. GOLDEN (Rufinistic) FORM. One of the Holy Grails of southern west Australian Zoila!!! Rich creamy orange colours, broad heavy based & mature shell. It has a couple of light growth imperfections & a partly healed/glossed shallow chip on inside of one edge of posterior canal, not overly effecting canal profile…Stunning specimen & rarely offered. ¬†*Several beautiful living “In Situ” images also available for this shell.

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Cypraea venusta – Shoal Cape Form (#3946)

F+++ 73.2mm. This is a very nice, dark choc spotted specimen that makes a lovely contrast to the gold shell below. It has a couple small faults but shows extremely well. Venusta from this location are notoriously in very poor condition due to typical shallow inshore reef turbulence & currents resulting in murky water conditions…