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Zoila Exceptional - POR Volutidae Strombidae Turbinidae Cypraeidae Muricidae Various Conidae Bivalves Haliotidae Pectinidae Ranellidae


Cypraea jeaniana (#4646)

Zoila jeaniana Gem- 71mm: Rarely seen today from this location! Collected by diver, Red Bluff Western Australia.

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Cypraea rosselli satiata Bernier Island form (#4639)

Gem- 57.5mm: One of the largest & most impressive examples of this rare species I have seen! Displays the strongly angular,  flaring margins that this form is famous for, broad, heavy & very mature.

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Cypraea eludens (#4629)

Gem- 64.6mm: Fresh dark colours with that classic blue dorsal halo, very heavy base, nice size, beautiful shape & lovely base colour.

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Livonia nodiplicata (#4624)

F+++/Gem: ZERO erosion or growth scars with perfect clean pattern and strong colour with a beautiful pinkish undertone (nicer even than the pics) over the main body of the shell! Nice mature lip edge and rich red/orange aperture. It is extremely rare to find the colour and pattern anywhere near as nice as what you see here, they are very prone to dorsal erosion, worm holes and scars…As close to the perfect nodiplicata as you will find anywhere! 

Umbilia armeniaca andreyi (#4618)

Gem- 83.2mm. A superb example of this rare deep water species! Beautiful shape, pattern & colours & an exceptionally solid & heavy piece. Very deep water off the south western corner of WA.

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Cypraea marginata ketyana hypermarginata (#4604)

Gem- 49mm: A superb, very high quality example of this rare species with the classic, heavily flaring margins & orange base colours! 

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Cypraea marginata ketyana bataviensis (#4598)

Gem- 50.7mm Exceptionally attractive,  fine pepper speckled dorsal pattern on this one, beautiful classic & mature shape!

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )

Altivasum flindersi (#4584)

F+++/Gem 189mm A spectacular & X large specimen with perfect spines, mature lip & the most perfect spire I have ever seen on a flindersi, all the way to the very tip….This shell was very freshly dead collected but is easily one of the most impressive I have ever seen!

Cypraea friendii insulata (#4582)

F+++/Gem 89.1mm Beautiful big “old school” insulata with the classic broad, flattened & calloused base! Diver collected in shallow water – Israelite Bay-  South coast WA

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Cypraea thersites (#4572)

F+++ 91.7mm. Magnificent BIG inflated specimen, black margins & blue mottled dorsal pattern/colour! It has several small, smooth & fully glossed nacre imperfections but no chips & is just such an impressive piece! Very very difficult to find today in the 90+ size ranges…

Price: AU$POR ( USD | EURO )