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Cypraea friendii vercoi GOLDEN FORM (#4314)

F++/F+++ 72.8mm. Here we have a rather lovely example of the very rare Golden/orange colour form of vercoi! It has several small faults but colour is lovely & it presents extremely well…Collected by diver, south coast of Western Australia…

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Cypraea friendii kostini (#4306)

F+++ 64.5mm Creamy white with fine peppery speckles over the dorsum, a beautiful heavy & solid piece! Just a couple of well glossed & discreet single layer fish bite imperfections…

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Altivasum flindersi (#4299)

F+++ 180mm. An impressive large, freshly dead collected piece with excellent heavy mature lip, nicely spined, clean & with lovely colour all the way to the fine spire tip…I rarely see them so large & in such nice condition. 

Cypraea jeaniana aurata (#4293)

Gem- 79mm. A beautiful classic aurata! Timeless…Deep water NW Australia.

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Cypraea rosselli f. abrolhosensis (#4284)

F++/F+++ 60.5mm. A large & spectacular specimen from this elusive population! Several natural imperfections but terminals perfect…A very impressive piece!

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Cypraea thersites (#4269)

F+++/Gem 100.7mm. GIANT! One of the largest thersites specimens I have seen in many many years…Collected by diver from Thorny Passage South Australia in 1994! Exceptionally rare this size today…

Cypraea venusta (#4264)

F+++/Gem 64.9mm. This is a beautiful piece from the small inshore population of Munglinup Beach on the south coast of WA!  Soft fleshy pink with darker orange spotting…

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Timbellus bednalli (#4258)

F+++/Gem 75.6mm w/op. The famous “Butterfly Murex” A large & exceptionally nice quality specimen! An enduring rarity…

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Volutoconus grossi grossi (#4253)

F+++/Gem 93mm Spectacular large, dark pink coloured specimen, trawled off Sandy Cape Q’Land 1998!

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Cypraea thersites contraria (#4236)

F+++ 70.5mm. A very attractively coloured/patterned piece & very heavy! Trawled from the Great Australian Bight, south Australia.