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Zoila Exceptional - POR Volutidae Strombidae Turbinidae Cypraeidae Muricidae Various Conidae Bivalves Haliotidae Pectinidae Ranellidae


Altivasum flindersi (#4478)

F+++ 166mm Live collected W/O. One of our enduring rarities & easily one of the single, most spectacular species you will ever encounter.

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Cypraea marginata ketyana bataviensis (#4467)

Gem 51.4mm. A truly beautiful example of this elusive Zoila! Perfectly proportioned with a very nicely speckled dorsal pattern & lovely base colours.  Kalbarri WA.

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Cypraea eludens stricklandi (#4454)

Gem- 37.2mm. Here we have a stunning example of this very recently described species! One of the nicest I have seen to date.

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Cypraea eludens (#4440)

F+++/Gem 59mm. A lovely dark shell with classic blue tinge around upper margin edges, beautiful base colours also!

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Cypraea jeaniana sherylae (#4433)

F+++/Gem 75.7mm. This is a spectacular, very large, dark & fresh specimen! Dived  Point Quobba NW Australia. 

Cypraea friendii insulata (#4429)

F+++/Gem 87.1mm: Lovely large, dark & inflated piece! Off Membinup Beach south coast WA.

Cypraea friendii insulata (#4427)

F+++/Gem 85.4mm: A beautiful, classic insulata, nicely flanged margins & colour! Masons Bay south coast WA.

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Cypraea friendii insulata (#4413)

F+++ 88.2mm: A very impressive piece, quite inflated shape, rather pale colour & nicely spotted. Alexander Bay South coast of WA.

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Cypraea friendii insulata (#4403)

F+++/Gem 84.2mm: An exceptionally attractive specimen, collected by the late, great Peter Clarkson & comes with his detailed handwritten label. Collected east of Duke of Orleans Bay, south coast of WA.

Cypraea friendii friendii (#4398)

F++/F+++ 64.8mm: A beautiful Xtra dark piece with full length mantle line! Geographe Bay South WA